Compact Power Filter 120V 15A


As part of our commitment to continuously look for ways to enhance our product offering, we have designed a complete line of surge protection products to better protect your valuable electronic components against the power disturbances that can damage and destroy them.

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Easy Diagnostic Indicators

  • Indicates protection is in effect
  • Indicates properly wired and grounded outlet

Symmetrical High-Performance EMI/RFI Filtering

  • Suppresses noise to improve operating performance

Network and Tel/Fax Protection

  • Protects against surges
  • Ensures maximum signal consistency and reliable connections
  • Protects from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interferences

S1/S3 MOV Patented Technology

  • Suppresses more energy by heat dissipation with faster rate
  • Higher Joule rating than a regular MOV
  • Provides better flameproof ability due to its high resistance to extreme temperature material

Over Current Circuit Breaker

  • Protects against sustained over current

Power On/Off Rocker Switch

2 Power Outlets

  • Multiple outlet orientation for ease of use

Empowering Trust Through

  • Improved reliability and increased equipment operating life
  • Reducing returns and ‘no problem found’ service calls
  • Enhancing operations and reducing business downtime.

Quality-Driven Protection for Key Equipment

  • Office automation machines
  • IT components
  • Medical and testing devices
  • ATMs and networked equipment

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